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Ph: 0244 744 982
Contemporary Art Gallery
Daily Artisan pot throwing & decorating at
Mogo's old historic Catholic Church (built circa 1867)
Open 7 Days... 10am - 4:30pm
Immerse yourself in a ceramic and canvas vista of intense colour & beauty. Peter and Vanessa Williams Painting & Pottery Gallery, located in Mogo's old historic Catholic Church, celebrates the old and new.
Peter's dramatic interpretation of local landscapes and Vanessa's fine art paintings provide the backdrop to a vibrant working pottery.
Watch Peter as he throws and hand decorates his pots. His experience of more than 30 years displaying a fusion of style and delicate design in every pot.
With off street carparking surrounded by lush native flora, Mogo Painting & Pottery Gallery is the perfect place to unwind, get inspired and invest in an exquisite piece of Mogo's cultural heritage.
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